Comparison of today’s trending technology with the old technologies of decades ago!

Technology is a wide aspect, and we cannot expect a single sentence or single line definition for the technology. All that we see in day to day life is technology and its advancement in every single aspect. From the decades we can observe the enormous development in the field of Science and Technology. We are addicted to the modern technology so that we are making the best use of it. In a simpler words we can say that without the advancement in the technology we might not have been enjoyed this sophisticated life and experience the sophisticated environment. We can visualize the Data Technology and advance in the day to day scenario. In every single aspect of life we can experience them.

Here are the various definitions of technology, have a look on it!

Comparison of today’s trending technology with the old technologies of decades ago!

However the psychological explanation of the technology may be defined as the process of application of the information in the areas of design and production which supports the utilization of goods and services to the utmost extent in organizations or private life. Scientific way of explaining technology is a process of collection of skills, techniques, processes, and methods in the accomplishments of objectives and goals along with the production of goods and services. In simpler words we can say that technology is the use of or the conversion of the available natural resources to simpler tools.

Many effects of the advanced technology that one needs to concentrate!

Technology has many effects. We can point them into positive effects and negative effect. When we concentrate on the positive side then we can see our live experience with the technology that we are using in day to day life. All the development and living enhancement are because of the development in the technology. Without the enhancement and development we might have been lead a life that as same as the life that has existed decades ago. Now concentrating on the negative aspects of technology however there some harmful effects that are responsible for certain situation that create a problem to the normal life and effect the human life scenario. Some of the major problems include pollution of water, air, and some other basic requirements of human life. However use of technology have been significantly changed over the past few decades, if they are developed for positive aspects then human beings can lead a better life than ever.